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Made in Norway, River Boats are rotational moulded in polyethylene with a foamed sandwich technology that provides increased rigidity in combination with low weight. The result is an extremely rigid, sturdy and durable boat with minimal maintenance. This dynamic design is perfectly suited to a wide range of activities including sports, leisure, fishing, and towing purposes. With many different applications including fishing, harbour tenders, safety boat and commercial use, these tough easy to maintain boats are a great addition to your fleet or as a first boat for the family.




Manufactured by Rotostøp AS, these exceptional watercraft embody the essence of modern Norwegian craftsmanship and are available in a diverse range of colours and finishes. They are easy to drive due to their hybrid catamaran V-bottom hulls.


Not only are River Boats enjoyable, they are also environmentally conscious. Made from 100% recyclable materials, they prioritise sustainability without compromising on the fun factor. Offering an exceptional blend of affordability and entertainment, these boats are accessible to all adventure enthusiasts. The owners of Rover Boats, Christoffer Haarbye and Reidar Gjølstad, have extensive expertise in the development and production of fast boats and lifeboats and are dedicated to upholding Norway’s rich boat building tradition.


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