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These innovative electric outboards give marine propulsion that is quick, silent and manoeuvrable. Now with a five-year warrantee, these electric boat motors are ideal for sailboats, fishing boats, workboats, dayboats, dinghies and tenders. Add in solar charging, which allow sailors to travel further, and hydrogenation and you have a very sustainable propulsion solution.




These electric outboard motors present a streamlined motor structure, boasting significantly fewer components compared to traditional engines. This simplicity ensures a highly reliable solution that demands minimal maintenance. Work boats, commercial boats, and rental boats can now enjoy extended service hours, resulting in increased up-time and productivity. Furthermore, the serene and emission-free operation of these motors creates a comfortable onboard experience for passengers, enhancing their overall enjoyment.


Experience worry-free adventures on the water with Epropulsion’s cutting-edge, long-range batteries and state-of-the-art digital displays. With innovative technology, you can bid farewell to any concerns about your ‘run-time’ as you embark on your journeys. This hassle-free solution not only saves you valuable time but also offer significant cost savings and eliminate unnecessary headaches. Whether you have a dinghy, inflatable, tender or small sailboat, this maintenance-free solution is tailor-made to suit your needs perfectly.


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